Product Marketing Masters Workshops

Ask any group of 20 marketing leaders how they define product marketing, and you’ll get at least 10 different definitions.

It’s one of the most nebulous areas of marketing and means different things at different companies. Some ask product marketing to focus on sales enablement. Other product marketing teams are thought leaders, publishing white papers and analyzing market trends. At some businesses, product marketers spend significant energy optimizing pricing and packaging and setting a product vision based on market feedback.

Product marketing is the discipline of maximizing the odds of success for a product in the market: Making it easier to buy, easier to sell.

What We Offer

Part-time courses designed to fit into an schedule that bring real life examples to modern product marketing. Our instructors are real-world managers working at top tech companies (ie. Gainsight, Marketo, Twitter, Facebook) and can share practical, real world examples with a deep dive into a case study for practical application. All classes will be recorded and potentially streamed.


  • Product Marketing Overview + Intro

  • Marketing Metrics that Matter (how to measure PMM success) -

  • Vertical Marketing Core Messaging and Positioning

  • Understanding the Buyer (Persona Development)/ Customer Insights

  • Storytelling for Influence

  • Persuasive and Creative Writing

  • Creating Thought Leadership for Presentations/Keynotes

  • Product Concept Testing, Market Feedback, and Roadmap Influencing

  • Product Marketing Strategy: Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

  • Pricing and Packaging

  • Competitive Analysis and Intelligence

  • New Product Launches (Go-To-Market Toolkit)

  • Sales Enablement