Why We Started Product Marketing Masters

Product Marketing is at an inflection point right now which is very similar to where product management was five years ago. A few years ago, many companies wanted to hire a product manager, but each company had a somewhat different definition of what a product manager is. Big companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, etc. train people to become a professional product manager, but otherwise product management isn’t something you go get a degree in.

For a lot of start up companies, product marketing is their first non-technical hire; they recognize the importance of bringing on this function, but similar to product management, there is a lack of common definition around what a product marketer is (e.g. What should they do? What should their background be?)

Recognizing the need in the market for resources, advice and best practices about product marketing, we realized there wasn’t a single source that fully captured what modern product marketing should be outside of the outdated 4 P’s or extremely expensive courses that are out of the reach of most marketers.

We’re on a mission to educate the next wave of product marketers through Product Marketing Masters.

Having been lucky enough to be a part of product marketing teams and eventually lead them, we wanted to create a forum for leaders to teach their craft with real world, practical examples instead of academic theory.

Our vision for Product Marketing Masters revolves around:

1.Community: Our community initiative includes hosting two San Francisco-based events per month which are also streamed over the internet for those who can’t attend live. The goal is to bring like-minded marketers together to figure out how to help companies grow top-line revenue while creating a forum for these individuals to network and share industry best practices.

2. Education: We teach a Workshop style class every month. This month I taught a class called “How to Build a Winning Go-to-Market Plan”. It’s a practical workshop where students get hands-on experience and walk away with an actual plan that they can use in their day-to-day. There is this mentality in the valley that unless you’ve done it before, then I’m taking a “risk” on you, but it’s really hard to get that job you want if you don’t have a certain title, or more importantly a portfolio of work to show someone.

3. Advisory services: We strongly believe that Heads/VPs/Leaders of Product Marketing and need a forum to learn and share what they’re doing to build teams, shape strategy, and develop the next generation of product marketers. We also want to help them understand what’s next for them in their own careers. Once a quarter, as part of our advisory services, we’re bringing out experts in product marketing as well as leading Venture Capitalists to speak to and network with these senior product marketing leaders.