Past Events:

PMM Workshop: Creating Compelling Messaging & Positioning

When: Monday, Nov 5

Where: UserTesting, 690 5th St. San Francisco, CA 94107

Ready to learn the essentials of messaging and positioning? Join us for an overview that will equip you with the fundamentals of effective, concise product marketing communication, including:

· Simple frameworks for crafting, testing, and sharing your messaging

· Techniques to understand your audience, keep your focus, and position accordingly

· Real-world advice for getting buy-in (because let's face it: everyone thinks they can write persuasive messaging)

· Tips to help everyone - from sales to PR - sing from the same sheet of music once you've got the perfect positioning doc


Meet the Instructor

Hally Pinaud is the Director of Product Marketing at Gainsight. As a marketer with 10+ of experience, she's done a "tour of duty" in just about every role in marketing (and a few in sales), most recently serving at Marketo's Head of Content and Thought Leadership. She firmly believes that finding the perfect word is one of life's great joys and plans to write a Great American Novel about the tech industry one of these days.

PMM Workshop: How to Build a SaaS Pricing and Packaging Foundation for Growth

When: Monday, October 15

Where: Consensys, 115 Sansome St, 4th Floor, San Francisco, CA

Join us for a crash course on SaaS Pricing and Packaging. We’ll be going through the fundamentals of product packaging, the pros and cons of different pricing models, and diagnose real world examples. Understand how to take methodology and put it to practice with your Sales team.

We’ll cover topics such as:

· Creating the right value levers and packaging to maximize revenue

· Partnering with Sales on deal strategy and value selling

· Evaluating and measuring the health of your current pricing model

Johnny Cheng

Meet the Instructor

Johnny Cheng is the Director of Product Marketing, Pricing and Packaging at Gainsight. He has 10+ years of Product Marketing and Business Analyst experience in the tech industry. His specialization is SaaS Pricing, which he’s lead at several companies including Marketo. He’s a self-proclaimed Mathlete and loves to create Excel charts in his free time.